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cyber swingers club
Rating: 9 of 10 9 star rating
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The cyber swingers club claims to be the fastest growing swingers community on the internet. Now this site does charge $1.00 to get inside, it's not that big of deal really. I mean you go to a bar and buy one girl a drink that's like anywhere from 3 to 7 bucks or so, I dunno where I live booze is cheap lol, but that costs more for possibly nothing. You can get that same thing 100's of times over again for only 1 buck here. Now a lot of the chicks on this site seem to be a little older and a lot of them are swingers looking for a couple swap fun time I guess you could call it. That doesn't mean there isn't super hotties cause I still seen some from my area on here. Their search features are pretty decent for finding what you're looking for.. I found some pretty hot girls I guess what'd you would describe as girls you would think would be in amateur porn lol. I think this site could be a ton of fun to hang out on if you were really to hit it hard with a good profile.

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swapper net
Rating: 9 of 10 9 star rating
Total Members:1,600,000 Members Usually Online:10,000

Offering a free three day trial this could be the swappers network you and your girl have always dreamed of. The site actually has quite a bit to offer their members. There are a ton of couple's personal ads for you to search through. If you find someone you'd like to hit up they have a message system that is very easy to use. On top of that, they have forums, advertisements for swinger parties and events, and even some porn photos. Now since I don't have a girl to swing with, I never hit anyone up inside of this site, but I did signup for the free trial to fart around inside and give this honest review to you all. One thing I forgot to mention that's kind of cool about this site is they offer a distance meter that tells how far you are away from the couples profile you are looking at.. I know on most sites you can just refine your search to search by your zip code or city, but I just found this feature to be kind of cool.. Anyways, check it out!

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