Does Adult Dating Work?

Is a question that people have been asking me for years now, the answer is yes adult dating works just like it's supposed to. There are so many xxx dating websites online now and that's because internet companies are seeing the tremendous growth due to one simple fact.. People are getting laid! If you're reading this chances are you're curious about how adult dating websites work and that is why The Free Dating King is here to help.

I have been surfing adult personals on the internet since 2001 now and literally have hooked up over 100 times. The only real problem I have encountered is a shit load of these websites have fake member profiles and well we can't hook up with someone that doesn't exist. This is where you can benefit off of me, you have my word that I have gotten laid from every website on this site at least once. Take the two minutes and check out my review of some of the most popular sex dating websites on the internet. I took one for the team, someone had to do it.

Here is a basic rundown of how adult dating works. Check out my reviews here and when you come across the "join now" link on a page you like, click there. You'll typically have to fill out two simple forms, one to register your account and the other is your profile page. Really the profile is important, you need to mention a few basic things to really up your chances of replies. Step 1) You Live Alone. It doesn't matter what your living status is, you live alone. Chicks love this. Step 2) Your Picture. Don't be putting up some bro-nonsense of you in front of the mirror. You need a photo that makes you look cool, not flexing in front of the mirror. Step 3) Get Laid! It's really that simple! Take the five minutes on your profile, mentioning the two simple steps above and you'll have more casual sex from adult dating websites than you'll know was even possible.

My Favorite Adult Dating Websites
adult friend finder
Rating: 10 of 10 10 star rating
Total Members:25,000,000 Members Usually Online:425,000

The oldest dating site in the books would definitely be Adult Friend Finder. I joined this site back in 2001 and remember adult dates the first week. It's got about 25 Million members and a big majority of them have pictures in their profiles, which is great. Basically every city across the world has profiles on this site. There is something for virtually anyone from swingers, switch hitters, horny wives, and younger college sluts. If you register for free you can surf around the profiles for the most part. Make a profile for yourself here that has a few pics and some info so these chicks can see that you're not some crazy dude living in your mom's basement... make it look good. The girls that join Adult Friend Finder are there to find casual sex, plain and simple. If you join this site, you will eventually get laid, there is no other way around it. Give it a try, you can signup for free.

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Rating: 9 of 10 9 star rating
Total Members:15,000,000 Members Usually Online:350,000

Fling is a site that I wish was around longer, it just came out in 2005. And it kicks ass. It's free to register and browse the profiles. When I signed up here there were a ton of chicks looking to hook up within a couple miles of my house. You can start shooting off messages at girls here right away, then start working on your profile. I met this one chick from this site for drinks at a bar and she turned out to be pretty damn psycho, but regardless at the end of the night I was in her bedroom getting it on. No bullshit, I will even bang psycho chicks, I have no problem with it. I just want to get laid, and so should you. This site is a great experience and all I can say is that this joint Fling has everything you'd ever expect from a dating site. I definitely recommend this one, and of course it's free to signup and start checking girls out. Take a look... right now.

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lonely wives club
Rating: 9 of 10 9 star rating
Total Members:4,200,000 Members Usually Online:100,000

More and more wives are hanging out on the internet for one and only one reason, they are lonely!! These women were young and got married to square dudes cause they thought money equals happiness. Well when your husband is in his office all night, we'll all see how happy you really are. However, this is really no concern to me because those cougars hang out on websites like this with half naked pictures looking to get man handled by a guy who actually humps and knows how to dominate the situation. I love the fact that more and more of these style sites are hitting the net and growing up to be pretty big websites. Here you can register for free to surf the profiles and I can guarantee you will have some sort of contacts with a local hottie in your area who's husband is out of town or just is a total wanker in the first place out at bowling league or something. I've chatted with numerous women off of this site, but have yet to meet from it.

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city sex
Rating: 9 of 10 9 star rating
Total Members:250,000 Members Usually Online:17,000

City Sex was a smaller site that just blew up in no time. I dunno how they did it, but there is quite a few members online at all times now a days. When I first registered to this site I thought it was going to be as lame as trying to hookup off of craigslist. There were actually quite a few chicks to chat to. I've never met anyone off of this site but I did have cyber sex with a couple, and did a webcam thing once with a chick. It was pretty cool she had all kinds of toys she was putting in her butt. They say there are women, men and couples to be found here and I can say that is definitely the truth as there is a little bit of everything to be found on City Sex. So what are you waiting for? Throw down and make up another profile on another site and expand your adult dating empire you've already been creating. That's the point to this, the more the marry. In no time your spam catcher will have to be tweaked to not catch your hookup emails.

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cyber cheating wives
Rating: 8 of 10 8 star rating
Total Members:2,000,000 Members Usually Online:25,000

You always knew there had to be somewhere chicks like this hung out looking for guys like you. I am pretty sure every guy in the world has been like, "that square doesn't do his wife, what the hell?" at some point in time this thought has passed through your brain. The best part is, the wives are pretty much thinking the same thing, but didn't know where to look until now. This is the joint all the married dames with lame husbands hang out looking for that thrill in the bedroom they haven't had in years. This is primo for all of us younger guys looking to hook up with mature and younger sex deprived girls that will ride you so hard you'll walk funny for a couple hours. It's a total fantasy for both ends, they get studs with high sex drive, we get dames with high sex drive. I don't know about you, but I like the sounds of it. The member's area pretty much speaks for itself with all kinds of babes all over the place looking to hookup.

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xxx black book
Rating: 7 of 10 7 star rating
Total Members:5,000,000 Members Usually Online: Unknown

Personally I have never used XXX Black Book, but one of my friends has been a member for a few months so I let him fill you all in and here is what he has to say. First off, there is a countless number of profiles with steamy pictures. Second, you do not need a credit card or anything to signup. Finally, the signup is 100% free to you! I like the sounds already. My friend has dated the same girl for the past 4 months or so now and little did I know this is where he met her. I never actually knew where he met this chick, I always figured it was local. Sure enough, this guy used the internet to his advantage also and hooked up with a pretty sexy chick he has been with for a while now. Mad props to my homie and his conversion. This whole adult dating thing is booming and mad chicks out there want to hook up but are sick of the whole going to the bar and talking to drunk retards thing. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

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amateur match
Rating: 8 of 10 8 star rating
Total Members:Unknown Members Usually Online: 5,000

This site has radical profiles of women with wild pictures and the whole nine yards. Heck, a lot of them I just saved to add to my porn collection for. The only thing that really bums me out about this site Amateur Match is that they have all these upsells. I guess I just don't like to see porn ads while I'm trying to surf through this site, It's not really a big deal though, I did end up joining one of them :) I am not trying to say this site is bad by any means though. You can contact chicks in all kinds of major cities. This site isn't the best for small timer city guys unless you want to travel to the closest metro area. For the size of the area I am around I was surprised as to how many profiles there actually was for here, but I'd say guys in the middle of nowhere are going to have a rough time finding a girl close to them.

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wild match
Rating: 8 of 10 8 star rating
Total Members:5,000,000 Members Usually Online: 60,000

Wild Match is a pretty big website that has been around for quite some time now. I first remember seeing it quite a while back before I ever would of thought of trying xxx dating. I signed up, threw up a profile and in no time was being hit up by all kinds of people. Chicks and dudes to be honest lol it was pretty wild. I did have one younger couple hit me up though, and they were looking for another guy to do a tag team on the wife. I pretty much was so pumped up about the idea I jacked off thinking about it before I even emailed back. To keep a long storey short, I met up for dinner with a couple in a city like two hours from here. I had a hotel and everything for the night, they had an apartment about 20 minutes from where we were going to be eating and drinking. In the end I got to do my first three way and we tag teamed this dudes wife. She was kind of a butter face but shit I liked the whole idea of what was going on so I just went with it.

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lonely cheating wives
Rating: 7 of 10 7 star rating
Total Members:5,000,000 Members Usually Online: 60,000

As you can see from the image to your left here, quite a few lonely wives have profiles in my area on this website. This for me is a very good thing. If you look a bit below that there is a real hot chick who's husband is a "lamer" or something of that nature. Now I think the profiles on the front page might be fake. But if you step inside this website you'll surely find I am mistaken. Every single profile I've contacted inside of Lonely Cheating Wives has hit me back. The ones on the main page that were shown to me I never even tried to contact at all, but the other ones sure shit hit me back real quick. I've tried to hookup with a couple cougars from this site with never any luck though! I think there is incredible potential with finding a lady to do on here, but it will definitely take some poking around and weeding out all of the bad ones!

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adult love line
Rating: 7 of 10 7 star rating
Total Members:Unknown Members Usually Online: 5,000

This site Adult Love Line is decent for chatting to chicks that are online. In your area or not, there is always some kind of babe online looking for an erotic cyber fuck. If you're in some kind of major city you should be able to find some dames in your area. My town here isn't the biggest, and I still found a couple girls from time to time to talk to. I've never got an actual hookup off of this site or anything, but I've met a lot of chicks who will hook it up with pictures of themselves doing all kinds of stuff to themselves. They claim to have some odd 4.2 million members on their site, but I think it's kind of hog wash. Regardless, I think anyone with a true mind set and the confidence can convert and score. That's what this is all about anyways right? I think you really gotta put your mind to this shit to get it to all pan out correctly and if you're gunna get dates and laid from adult dating you gotta step it up the game to full notch.

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wild wives club
Rating: 7 of 10 7 star rating
Total Members:Unknown Members Usually Online: Unknown

No strings attached is strictly the motto for the wives of this internet club. I haven't met any wives off of this site yet as I haven't been a member all too long. I am pretty sure the future is bright for me here however. There are plenty of women online at all times and usually I can find one pretty close by to try and drop a line to. I love mature chicks, and when they are sexually deprived and horny as screw you want to be the guy they unleash upon. Signing up for a membership here is quick and easy, but not free. It does cost a dollar and you would need a credit card for age verification and to pay the buck. I thought it was totally worth it so far. I mean there is plenty of chicks around on here and I think with time I'll have a for sure hookup on this site also!

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Why Use Adult Personals Sites?

Online adult dating services are gradually becoming the most popular way to find adult singles that want to hook up. There are so many proven stories of people finding exciting singles that want to have a good time. It works really well for people that are too busy working to go out every night and try to find a mate. Today's dating sites have a variety of modern tools that can help you find the partner you've been looking for. The websites are filled with hot singles looking for some XXX fun. Even if you have time to go out to the club to find that special someone, chances are you're going to strike out, or have a rude awakening the next day when you find a hideous monster in your bed. With a XXX adult dating website you can find attractive singles that are interested in the same thing you are, hooking up. There are hot singles joining these sites daily, looking for some casual fun. Why bother dealing with the humiliation of being shut down when you can get a guaranteed hook-up with little effort? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that adult dating sites are the way to go if you're looking for casual sex.

Best Adult Dating Site Myths

Adult dating sites aren't just for singles, they're also great for couples that are trying to spice up their relationship. It can be hard to find another couple to swing with or just to add an extra partner to the mix. You can't really bring that question up with close friends without potentially ruining you're friendship. With a XXX dating service you can find interested parties that are into the same sexual activities you're into without the possible embarrassment of approaching a friend or stranger and getting shut down. Many couples swear by adult dating sites when trying to find swinging couples. It's convenient, simple, and provides a very comfortable and non-judgmental environment for swinging couples.

Top Adult Dating Sites & Self Discovery

Many of these adult dating sites are great confidence boosters for people that have problems meeting singles. Even if you think you're not the most attractive person around, you would be surprised at the number of request that you will get from these XXX dating sites. It's a great way to get out there and start having some sex. There are plenty of people out there looking for a partner and they can be found on adult dating sites. All you have to do is fill out a simple profile and you will have a bevy of interested singles that want to meet you. If you've had a number of disappointing attempts at trying to find a sex partner, don't give up! Sign up for an adult dating service today and get your confidence back.

Joining the Best XXX Dating Site Without Fear

In conclusion, if you're single and looking for casual sex, a swinging couple trying to spice up your relationship, or someone that has had problems meeting singles, XXX dating sites are the way to go. They make it easy to find people that have the same sexual interests as you. The sites are convenient and easy to use. Plus, you'll have a lot more success finding singles on adult sites versus going out to the club and potentially hooking up with somebody. Once you try an adult single site, you won't go back to conventional methods of dating.